For nearly a century, researchers have almost exclusively studied one-size-fits-all notions of success, guided by the same questions posted by educators, parents, and aspiring professionals: What is the best way to attain success? 

We pursued a slightly different question: What is the best way for you to attain success? To find the answer, we turned to dark horses.


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Praise for DARK HORSE

“Shatters our conventional notion of what success is and how to attain it.” –Amy Cuddy, New York Times bestselling author of Presence

“Good grades? Optional. Formal training? Meh. This book is a compelling celebration of people who reject the conventional paths to success, achieve it anyway, and find fulfillment along the way. It won’t inspire you to follow in their footsteps—that would be a violation of dark horse code—but it will leave you with new ideas about the road ahead.” —Adam GrantNew York Times bestselling author of OriginalsGive and Take, and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg

“How’d they do it? How did some people emerge from seemingly nowhere to reach spectacular heights and make massive contributions?  This compulsively readable, deeply inspiring book, offers the answer.  It shows why individuality leads to fulfillment — and, in turn, why fulfillment leads to excellence. Whether you’re already a dark horse or are contemplating breaking from the herd, this book can be your road map for success.".” —Dan Pink, New York Times bestselling author of When and Drive